The Journey Toward ‘Crime and Prejudice’: A Radio Drama About Data Protection

Radio dramas have been used by radio stations all around the world for years to spread socially conscious messages to the public about topics like child labor, anti-corruption, and health issues. This is in large part due to radio’s ability to connect with a larger audience regardless of academic background. It is impossible to overstate […]

El futuro distópico de los datos es ahora

Autores: Sayuri Loza, Cristian León   En el año 2044, la tecnología no será el instrumento liberador de nuestras mentes, sino posiblemente aquello que controle nuestros cuerpos. Ciberdelincuentes, congregaciones, empresas y gobiernos, usarán las tecnologías para recopilar toda la información sobre cada uno de nosotros y nosotras y manipularnos completamente.  Esa es la premisa sobre […]

A Critique of Smart Cities: What they are and who they (theoretically) serve

It is not new that there is a tendency among public authority managers to promote the concept of smart cities to justify any actions to implement technology without discussing in depth its purposes. Cameras, facial recognition, sensors, smart meters, wi-fi, etc. are brought to the municipal public space while disclosing little to no information to […]

Facial Recognition in Brazil: a gender and race-based perspective

The year 2021 witnessed heated debates on facial recognition in Brazil, especially within the context of public security. The technology was implemented by twenty states in the five regions of the country, and has been the subject of many promises from the private and public sector ranging from crime prevention to the identification of missing […]