Pushing Towards Data Protection: An Advocate’s Guide by Privacy is Global

Produced by Internews. We know that these days everything is ‘datafied’: our shopping habits, our daily commutes, our relationships and interactions- companies and governments alike are collecting servers and servers of information about us- but why should we care about the policy and politics of data governance? What really is ‘data protection’? What is at stake? Who are the players? How can we ensure our data is respected and that the most egregious abuses of our data are protected against? And how do we make these issues, often highly technical and legal, compelling for the average citizen?

In this episode of Privacy is Global, Laura Vidal and Laura Schwartz-Henderson dive deep on the history of data protection policymaking and privacy advocacy priorities in countries around the world through conversations with experts and activists from Ghana, Nigeria, Bolivia, Brazil and Kenya. We discuss the importance of cultivating cultures of privacy not just to build the political will to pass comprehensive data protection legislation but also to ensure that these laws are adequately enforced.


Research and Interviews: Laura Schwartz-Henderson, Laura Vidal, Teki Akuetteh Falconer
Concept and script: Laura Vidal & Laura Schwartz-Henderson
Interviews: Gbenga Sesan, Eliana Quiroz, Bianca Kremer, Victor Kapiyo, Teki Akuetteh Falconer
Editing & Mixing: Laura Vidal & Ergi Shkëlzeni
Visual Design: Ura Design
Executive Producers for Privacy is Global: Laura Schwartz-Henderson and Laura Vidal
Sponsored by Internews and Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Washington DC