Crime and Prejudice: A Creative Storytelling Series on Data Rights

“From a private message to police knocking on your door”

As part of our ‘creative fictions’ series, Privacy is Global is excited to bring you Crime and Prejudice. Crime and Prejudice is a series of three radio dramas produced by Paradigm Initiative. The series follows the online controversy when the police arrive at Dr. Ewem’s door to arrest her based on information that could only have been obtained from the company Moontech. There is an uproar and backlash on Nigeria twitter. When #boycottmoontech starts to trend, we see how Moontech responds.

The ADAPT Creative fictions project assembled teams of fiction writers, activists, lawyers, comic book artists, comedians, audio engineers, and illustrators to think about how we could get more people interested in data privacy and digital rights advocacy through speculative fiction, humor, and new modes of communication.

To understand more about data protection and privacy in Nigeria, please listen to the previous episode of Privacy is Global.


Script-writing: Cynthia Okoroafor
Editing: Elena Cazes and Laura Vidal
Voice Actors: Dr. Ewem as Imaobong Offiong. Detective Briggs as Justus Nkereuwem. Tosan as Precious Akpabio. Benny as Michael Aniekan-Eshiet and our angry netizens were Morgan Morgan, Itoro Friday, Albert Magnum, and Kareen Edet.
Produced by: Ekemini Joseph
Executive Producer: Paradigm Initiative
Sponsored by Internews and Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Washington DC