Datachiri 2.0: A Creative Storytelling Series on Data Rights [English]

“What if there was a mythical monster that sucked our biodata instead of our blood?”

As part of our ‘creative fictions’ series, Privacy is Global is excited to bring you Datachiri. 2.0. We invite you to sonically enter 2043 La Paz, Bolivia. Sascha lives in a society where the government has largely dissolved, and people rely on devices provided for free by an organization called ‘the Congregation.’ There are rumors of the Datachiri, a mysterious entity that is able to hack the Congregation’s networks to feed on biodata. Sascha’s device no longer recognizes her and she goes on a quest to discover why she’s been disconnected. Datachiri 2.0 is a story written by Marianne Díaz Hernández based on the comic book written by Alejandro Barrientos and illustrated by Joaquin Cuevas in collaboration with Internet Bolivia.

The ADAPT Creative fictions project assembled teams of fiction writers, activists, lawyers, comic book artists, comedians, audio engineers, and illustrators to think about how we could get more people interested in data privacy and digital rights advocacy through speculative fiction, humor, and new modes of communication.

To view the comic book, please see https://internetbolivia.org/datachiri-2-0/

To understand more about the status of data protection in Bolivia, please listen to our previous episode produced in collaboration with Internet Bolivia, read a blog post by Diandra Cespedes, or visit the timeline of advocacy here.



Script-writing: Marianne Díaz Hernández
Based on the comic book by Alejandro Barrientos and Joaquin Cuevas (In collaboration with: Miguel Mealla y Aymara Peralta)
Script Editing: Laura Vidal, Laura Schwartz-Henderson, Cristian Leon, Eliana Quiroz
Sound Design and Mixing: Jimmy Garver
Editing: Elena Cazes
Music: Charles Antoine
Voice Actors: Margarita Portillo Castro as Sascha Cori Laura, Juan Naranjo as Orlando, David Ríos as the Prophet and Ximena García as the detective.
Executive Producers: Laura Schwartz-Henderson and Laura Vidal
Sponsored by Internews and Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Washington DC