Welcome to the ADAPT Data Protection Advocacy Toolkit! The Toolkit is a library of useful resources to support data privacy advocates, lawyers, and other concerned actors in promoting and enforcing rights-respecting data protection legislation and individual data privacy. Resources include primers on data protection, legal analyses, case law, advocacy guides, campaign concepts and more. To find the resources most useful to you, you can filter the library using the three navigation tabs in the search below. Those tabs include: 

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Resource Type Descriptions


Resources designed to inspire and guide more impactful and informed advocacy efforts, including advocacy models, campaigns, and strategies.

Best Practices

Materials and guides that draw on previous data protection advocacy efforts to illustrate best practices and successful approaches.

Country Context

These reports, briefs, and other guides help to contextualize the current state of data protection and advocacy in specific countries.

Data Protection Laws

Explainers and overviews of the laws, regulations, and policies that specifically govern data protection.

Engaging Government

Campaigns, reports, white papers, and other materials that involve direct engagement with government bodies and officials.

Intro to Data Protection

This section consists of resources to introduce the concept of data protection.

Legal Framework

These resources touch on the legal environment and systems that can influence what policies are possible and how they might look in practice.

Securing Personal Data

Resources and best practices to keep your personal data safe.

Strategic Litigation

These guides, examples, and strategies offer assistance in pursuing changes through the courts

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Podcast Dadocracia

Tags - Advocacy, Introduction to Data Protection

Data Privacy Brazil

Take a look at Data Privacy Brazil's podcast!

Jogue com as crianças: Dados Pessoais

Tags - Securing Personal Data

Safernet Brasil

Online activities to create awareness for children about the way they share their personal data on Internet

Entenda e reconheça seus rastros digitais

Tags - Securing Personal Data

Safernet Brasil, 2017

A guide to learn more about the traces we leave from our use of the Internet, especially in relation to personal data.

Pornografia sem consentimento: Cinco recomendações para denunciar e resistir com a sua publicação

Tags - Best Practices, Securing Personal Data, Strategic Litigation

Acoso Online, 2021

This is a useful resources to learn more about nonconsensual pornography and how to fight back using legal and technical tools in Brazil.

Guia de primeiros passos para a adequação das defensorias públicas a LGPD

Tags - Data Protection Laws

Data Privacy Brazil, 2021

This guide intends to address a series of aspects related to the adequacy of Public Defenders to the General Brazilian Data Protection Law (LGPD). The document covers considerations of diverse natures and depths related to the process of implementing LGPD at the national level.

State Communications Surveillance and Protection of Fundamental Rights in Brazil

Tags - Legal Framework, Systems of Data Collection

InternetLab, 2016

This report analyzes the regulatory framework regarding State surveillance of communications that was in force in Brazil up until March, 2016. Its purpose is to introduce relevant Brazilian laws and practices and how the protection of fundamental rights could be achieved. The report identifies strong points and main issues, and makes recommendations based on the International Principles on the Application of Human Rights to Communications Surveillance.

Quem defende seus dados?

Tags - Advocacy, Best Practices, Legal Framework, Securing Personal Data
English, Portuguese

InternetLab, 2020

“Quem defende seus dados?”, the Brazilian version of "Who has your back?", aims to promote transparency and best practices in terms of privacy and data protection by companies providing Internet connections in Brazil. Every year, they review the methodology to include legislative changes, innovations and controversies in jurisprudence and updated best practices in terms of protection of privacy and personal data in this country.

Guia orientativo para definições dos agentes de tratamento de dados pessoais e do encarregado

Tags - Best Practices, Data Protection Laws, Engaging Government

Autoridade Nacional de Proteção de Dados, 2021

This guide seeks to establish non-binding guidelines for treatment and explain who can perform the function of the controller, operator; legal definitions; their liability regimes; concrete cases explanations of the ANPD and the frequently asked questions on the subject of LGPD.

Contribuição à Consulta Pública sobre a Norma de Fiscalização da ANPD

Tags - Data Protection Laws

Data Privacy Brazil, 2021

A technical contribution on the control standard of the ANPD that includes several changes that seek to improve the capacity of the Authority to sanction infractions. For example; in the case of security breaches.

Enforcement of Brazilian LGPD

Tags - Data Protection Laws

DLA Piper, 2021

A summary of the main aspects of the Brazilian Data Protection Law