Welcome to the ADAPT Data Protection Advocacy Toolkit! The Toolkit is a library of useful resources to support data privacy advocates, lawyers, and other concerned actors in promoting and enforcing rights-respecting data protection legislation and individual data privacy. Resources include primers on data protection, legal analyses, case law, advocacy guides, campaign concepts and more. To find the resources most useful to you, you can filter the library using the three navigation tabs in the search below. Those tabs include: 

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Resource Type Descriptions


Resources designed to inspire and guide more impactful and informed advocacy efforts, including advocacy models, campaigns, and strategies.

Best Practices

Materials and guides that draw on previous data protection advocacy efforts to illustrate best practices and successful approaches.

Country Context

These reports, briefs, and other guides help to contextualize the current state of data protection and advocacy in specific countries.

Data Protection Laws

Explainers and overviews of the laws, regulations, and policies that specifically govern data protection.

Engaging Government

Campaigns, reports, white papers, and other materials that involve direct engagement with government bodies and officials.

Intro to Data Protection

This section consists of resources to introduce the concept of data protection.

Legal Framework

These resources touch on the legal environment and systems that can influence what policies are possible and how they might look in practice.

Securing Personal Data

Resources and best practices to keep your personal data safe.

Strategic Litigation

These guides, examples, and strategies offer assistance in pursuing changes through the courts

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Data Protection in Ethiopia

Tags - Country Context, Legal Framework

DLA Piper, 2021 

A summary of the main aspects of the privacy regulations currently in place in Ethiopia.

Digital ID in Ethiopian refugee camps: A case study

Tags - Systems of Data Collection
English, French, Spanish

The Engine Room, 2020

The report seeks to explore the impressions of different actors of Ethiopia about the normative and technical deployment of the Digital Identity scheme. It consisted of four in-depth interviews with key informants in UNHCR and partner organisations as well as interviews and focus group discussions with 25 refugees in Histas and Jewi camps. Some of the conclusions are that there are low levels of awareness and understanding on Digital ID and a lack of informed consent.

Freedom in the World — Ethiopia Country Report

Tags - Country Context

Freedom House, 2020

The report presents an overview of the situation of human rights in the country. It includes information about violations of privacy and the exercise of digital rights by the government. For example: Internet shutdowns, mass surveillance, etc.

Kidane v. Ethiopia

Tags - Engaging Government, Systems of Data Collection

EFF, 2017

EFF has filed a lawsuit in federal court in Washington, DC alleging that the government of Ethiopia, using notorious surveillance malware known as FinSpy, illegally wiretapped and invaded the privacy of our client, a U.S. citizen on U.S. soil. Essentially, the malware took over their client’s computer and secretly sent copies of his activities, including Skype calls, web searches and indications of websites visited, to the Ethiopian government.