Welcome to the ADAPT Data Protection Advocacy Toolkit! The Toolkit is a library of useful resources to support data privacy advocates, lawyers, and other concerned actors in promoting and enforcing rights-respecting data protection legislation and individual data privacy. Resources include primers on data protection, legal analyses, case law, advocacy guides, campaign concepts and more. To find the resources most useful to you, you can filter the library using the three navigation tabs in the search below. Those tabs include: 

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Resource Type Descriptions


Resources designed to inspire and guide more impactful and informed advocacy efforts, including advocacy models, campaigns, and strategies.

Best Practices

Materials and guides that draw on previous data protection advocacy efforts to illustrate best practices and successful approaches.

Country Context

These reports, briefs, and other guides help to contextualize the current state of data protection and advocacy in specific countries.

Data Protection Laws

Explainers and overviews of the laws, regulations, and policies that specifically govern data protection.

Engaging Government

Campaigns, reports, white papers, and other materials that involve direct engagement with government bodies and officials.

Intro to Data Protection

This section consists of resources to introduce the concept of data protection.

Legal Framework

These resources touch on the legal environment and systems that can influence what policies are possible and how they might look in practice.

Securing Personal Data

Resources and best practices to keep your personal data safe.

Strategic Litigation

These guides, examples, and strategies offer assistance in pursuing changes through the courts

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Unseen Eyes, Unheard Stories: Surveillance, data protection, and freedom of expression in Kenya and Uganda during COVID-19

Tags - Advocacy, Legal Framework, Systems of Data Collection

KICTANet, 2021

This report by ARTICLE 19 Eastern Africa, the Kenya ICT Action Network (KICTANet), and Pollicy reviews the national legal frameworks and practices that have enabled an extraordinary surveillance environment during the first year of the coronavirus pandemic in Kenya and Uganda. It documents and raises awareness about government and private sector surveillance measures and practices in both countries during this period and their human rights implications.

The role of Kenyan intermediaries in upholding privacy

Tags - Country Context

KICTANet, 2019

In this report, the Internet intermediaries were ranked based on the comprehensiveness of their policies with respect to digital rights. The Kenyan version of a similar initiative “Who has your back?” from EFF.

Snapshot: Analysis of the Data Protection Act 2019

Tags - Best Practices, Data Protection Laws

Bowmans Law, 2019

The article presents the main changes that bring the Data Protection Act and explains in detail what the impact these changes will represent, in terms of new responsibilities. It also presents recommendations for improvement and better compliance with the law.

Implementing Huduma Namba: Challenges and Prospects

Tags - Country Context, Legal Framework, Systems of Data Collection

KICTANet, 2020

This study provides the legal and historical context of Kenya’s national identity management system. It also examines the transition to a digital system, through the Huduma Namba project, and its human rights impact and concerns.These concerns include: the adequacy of public participation, adequacy of data protection, exclusion from access to socio-economic rights and discrimination of existing minority groups. In addition, the study highlights three countries with experience of using digital identity systems as case studies. Finally, the study provides key recommendations to stakeholders.

Digital Identification Law in Kenya: The State of Play

Tags - Legal Framework, Systems of Data Collection

KICTANet, 2020

This brief discusses the policy and legislative framework for Huduma Namba. It highlights the issues that have arisen since its launch and the challenges the government has faced implementing the system, particularly the apparent disconnect between the National ICT Policy of 2019 which outlines the government’s policies on digitization and integration of national population registers, on the one hand, and constitutional protections for privacy, data protection, security and inclusivity, on the other.

Deploying Digital Identity Systems in Kenya

Tags - Systems of Data Collection

Paradigm Initiative, 2021

This case study documents the lived, rather than representative, experiences of two individuals between October and December 2020, after the deployment of Kenya’s digital ID system. The individuals were selected with gender, geographical and community considerations in mind. The male informant identifies with the Kenyan Nubian community, and resides in Nairobi county, whereas the female informant identifies with the Somali ethnic group and operates in both Nairobi and Garissa counties. This primary research was supplemented with print and digital media information.

Data Protection in Kenya

Tags - Legal Framework

KICTANet, 2018

This policy brief examines the current state of data protection in Kenya and recommends the development of a consolidated framework to provide data protection principles. It also explores the systems used by the Government to collect data and potential risks.

Enforcement of Data Protection Act

Tags - Data Protection Laws

DLA Piper, 2021

A summary of the main aspects of the Data Protection Act.