Digital ID in Ethiopian refugee camps: A case study

The Engine Room, 2020

The report seeks to explore the impressions of different actors of Ethiopia about the normative and technical deployment of the Digital Identity scheme. It consisted of four in-depth interviews with key informants in UNHCR and partner organisations as well as interviews and focus group discussions with 25 refugees in Histas and Jewi camps. Some of the conclusions are that there are low levels of awareness and understanding on Digital ID and a lack of informed consent.

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Data Protection in Ethiopia

Tags - Country Context, Legal Framework

DLA Piper, 2021 

A summary of the main aspects of the privacy regulations currently in place in Ethiopia.

COVID-19 and Digital Rights: A Compendium on Health Surveillance Stories in Africa

Tags - Best Practices, Country Context, Introduction to Data Protection, Securing Personal Data, Systems of Data Collection

Paradigm Initiative, 2021

The report presents a compilation of stories about privacy violations, creation of public policies related to data protection, defense of privacy; all of them occurred during the health emergency due to COVID-19.

Digital Rights and Privacy in Nigeria

Tags - Country Context, Introduction to Data Protection, Legal Framework

Paradigm Initiative, 2021

This report explores the state of digital rights and data privacy in Nigeria. It outlines how personal data is collected and retained, and how privacy can be breached by both private and state actors; the legal and regulatory framework, and how this functions in practice; and ongoing efforts and recommendations to better protect Nigerians' digital rights and privacy.

Guía básica sobre datos personales para Bolivia

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Internet Bolivia and Access Now, 2019

A basic guide containing concepts on personal data protection. For example; what is personal data, what is sensitive data, forms of treatment, etc. It also analyzes the situation of data protection and privacy in Bolivia.

Yo protejo mis datos

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Internet Bolivia, 2019

A campaign to promote the drafting of a data protection law for Bolivia. It includes multiple resources: articles, videos, guides and a proposal to regulate the data protection local ecosystem.

Unseen Eyes, Unheard Stories: Surveillance, data protection, and freedom of expression in Kenya and Uganda during COVID-19

Tags - Advocacy, Legal Framework, Systems of Data Collection

KICTANet, 2021

This report by ARTICLE 19 Eastern Africa, the Kenya ICT Action Network (KICTANet), and Pollicy reviews the national legal frameworks and practices that have enabled an extraordinary surveillance environment during the first year of the coronavirus pandemic in Kenya and Uganda. It documents and raises awareness about government and private sector surveillance measures and practices in both countries during this period and their human rights implications.