Desafíos Comunes Sobre Protección de Datos En Ecuador y Bolivia

El constante desarrollo de las tecnologías y la expansión del uso de internet han determinado, a nivel global, la necesidad de contar con mecanismos que salvaguarden el ejercicio de derechos al momento de usar las tecnologías. Uno de esos mecanismos se refiere a la aprobación de Leyes específicas que amplíen garantías constitucionales referidas a la […]

Privacy in the Wake of Digital Lending and Surveillance Technologies

In 2019, the Data Protection Act was enacted into law after over a decade of efforts to bring it to life. It is the operative legislation that governs how personal data is protected in Kenya. It is also backed up by three sets of regulations passed into law in 2021. The Act also established the […]

The Journey Toward ‘Crime and Prejudice’: A Radio Drama About Data Protection

Radio dramas have been used by radio stations all around the world for years to spread socially conscious messages to the public about topics like child labor, anti-corruption, and health issues. This is in large part due to radio’s ability to connect with a larger audience regardless of academic background. It is impossible to overstate […]

Why Ethiopia Urgently Needs a Robust Data Protection Policy

By Befekadu Hailu, Executive Director at the Center for Advancement of Rights and Democracy (CARD)   The Global Context In 2006, the British mathematician Clive Humby coined what is now a popular phrase; “data is the new oil”.  In 2022, five of top earning corporations around the world are working in the area of information […]

El futuro distópico de los datos es ahora

Autores: Sayuri Loza, Cristian León   En el año 2044, la tecnología no será el instrumento liberador de nuestras mentes, sino posiblemente aquello que controle nuestros cuerpos. Ciberdelincuentes, congregaciones, empresas y gobiernos, usarán las tecnologías para recopilar toda la información sobre cada uno de nosotros y nosotras y manipularnos completamente.  Esa es la premisa sobre […]

Understanding the Challenges Data Protection Regulators Face: A Global Struggle Towards Implementation, Independence, and Enforcement

Available in English, Portuguese, and Spanish (see links below) Since 2018, over sixty countries around the world have enacted or proposed new data protection laws, with those numbers steadily increasing each year. Data protection regulatory bodies and agencies are entrusted with massive responsibilities to enforce these newly passed laws across all sectors of society- often […]

Data Practices & Protections in Kenya and Nigeria

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These two separate reports are part of a series funded through the ADAPT project that explore how data is used and abused by governments and non-state actors alike, and how users can better advocate for their privacy. Both reports are based on extensive research conducted by Seyram Avle, an Assistant Professor of Global Digital Media […]

Data Protection Advocacy Frameworks for Repressive or Closed Environments

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This report is the first of three reports funded through the ADAPT project that explore how data is used and abused by governments and non-state actors alike, and how users can better advocate for their privacy. The report, based on research conducted by Kuda Hove and Otto Saki over the past four months, analyzes the […]

How SIM Card Re-registration Violates the Data Protection Act in Kenya

The past few weeks have been abuzz with public outcry over the call to update SIM registration details for all sim card owners by the Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK). The move has been touted as a step towards improving national security by establishing a comprehensive registry of sim cards and their owners. It is […]