Desafíos Comunes Sobre Protección de Datos En Ecuador y Bolivia

El constante desarrollo de las tecnologías y la expansión del uso de internet han determinado, a nivel global, la necesidad de contar con mecanismos que salvaguarden el ejercicio de derechos al momento de usar las tecnologías. Uno de esos mecanismos se refiere a la aprobación de Leyes específicas que amplíen garantías constitucionales referidas a la […]

Independence of Data Protection Authorities: Lessons from the Data Privacy Learning Series

The third workshop of the Data Privacy Learning Series took place on February 1st, 2022, and discussed the challenges in creating and maintaining independent data protection authorities in the ADAPT partner countries, some having passed comprehensive data protection legislation and others currently discussing it. The choice of subject for the workshop was validated by talks […]

The need for regulations to comply with the new Data Protection Law in Ecuador

When talking about personal data, it is essential to study its value, importance, and transversality. Personal data is relevant for the design and architecture of communication technologies; however, we must not ignore its scope of protection. The inappropriate processing of personal data affects the effectiveness of public and private management and the constitutional rights of […]